Tracking Severe Storms This Weekend

Good Saturday morning , I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather we had thus far. Changes are coming in the short term as I’m seeing a severe weather risk on your Saturday, and not only that the heat and humidity ramps up as highs will reach the low 80s, which make it ripe for thunderstorm development. Not to mention, dewpoints will be in the 70s which is also promotes the ‘juicing’ of these thunderstorms. With that being said, the Storm Prediction Center has placed an Enhanced risk over much of the Ohio valley region.

SPC outlook1.jpg


Tomorrow morning things are relatively quiet, but things are anticipated to pick up during the heating of the day. Storms will begin to build along a west to east corridor, almost acting like a conveyor belt, these storms will track through central Kentucky. I would say around 12PM-3PM are the times to keep checking your radar apps… What you are seeing is one of the high resolution models called the HRRR  that updates by the hour. It shows us a guidance on what we can expect during the day,  by the hour.



All in all, some will get hit with storms at some point of time, while others may not, but eventually everyone will likely see storms tomorrow. These storms will have alot of water, and will cause some localized flood threats which is why the Flood threat is set at a moderate.  The main threats are damaging wind, hail, and while the tornado threat isn’t quite high, it’s something to keep an eye on.

Threat Index 2


I’ll keep you posted!




10:50p 01/19

Good late evening, i’m going to be short and brief tonight,  It’s a pretty busy week weather-wise, I’ve already had people asking me about the Snowday chances, as well as the next BIG system moving in later this week. I will touch base on that tommrow, but for now we focus on  snow expected to arrive around 5-7 am tomorrow morning.

Here are my latest thoughts, I’ve changed some totals, but the areas with the heaviest of those totals still remain south, 4-6″ possible for areas near Bowling Green. A Winter Storm Warning is in place for that area.

winter weather advisories.jpg


Here is my latest thoughts concerning snow totals..

last shot at snow.jpg


Scott County Students, I’m giving you a HIGH chance for a snowday tomorrow, and here’s why.

  1. Snow arrives from 5-7 am, the ground remains very cold, any snow that does fall, will not hesitate to stick. Keep in mind we’ve been in the single digits, and highs today struggled to get out of the teens.You won’t wake up to an inch of snow, but it will keep falling.
  2. Snow will  exit around 3-4 pm in the afternoon, that’s basically around the time most school systems dismiss classes.
  3. If  I were the superintendent, I would cancel classes.
  4. Overall, EVERYONE in Kentucky will likely see atleast an inch or greater.

Enjoy your snow-day, and sleep-in 😉

school watch meter wednesday


Get Ready, Winter Still Hangs With Us. #KYWX

Posted at 11:25 AM February 19,2015 by Darius Mack

It’s quite a splendorous week for most students in central Kentucky. Many schools have been closed all week, and Fayette County Public Schools are among other districts that decided to call the whole week off! We are in a historical winter period, including for me, this is the first double digit snow i’ve ever seen in Kentucky in my lifetime .Now we are set for brutal cold weather on tap, followed by more snow chances?? I tell you, winter has not forgot about us, even if it did come on a delayed schedule.

WIND CHILL WARNINGS are in effect and are set to expire within the next 40 minutes, but that’s on top of a Wind Chill Advisory that won’t expire until 8AM Friday. Wind Chill values today will range anywhere from -20 to -30 degrees. Having prolonged exposure to this type of cold is very risky and dangerous. If you do have to be outside today, take frequent breaks indoors. If you don’t have to be outside, just don’t go outside. Temps right now are near subzero. Bowling Green is the “Hotspot” sitting at 8 degrees this hour. Make sure you check on your neighbors, and don’t leave your pets outside.

current temps

Now. I’m monitoring another Winter threat that may arrive late Friday night and impact your weekend. Latest model runs show a messy snowy and icy event. I do suspect a Winter Weather Advisory or a Winter Storm Watch to be issued a little later in the day concerning Friday. Stick with me for the latest 🙂


Short and Brief. #KYWX

Posted at 4:55PM on January 22,2015 by Darius Mack

It’s Thursday and the chance for wintry weather on Friday remains, the big question is how much will it impact you?

Latest trends show slightly warmer temps, which means that temps might press too warm for it to be plain snow, I think most of us will start off with rain, then the transition to sleet, then the transition to snow. Here are my initial thoughts on snow, Not impressive in concerns of snow amounts, only expect minor accumulations for most of the region, most of us may see more rain than snow. Stay tuned for more updates, I do expect to make more modifications as the storm gets closer.

snowfal potential friday

Tracking Rounds of Storms. #kywx

Good Late Thursday evening everyone, It’s been a busy week for me, first off i want to say that today marks my 2nd day of school! I will be graduating this year so this makes it a Last 2nd day of school for me.To all of the newcomers welcome, and join the club! School is almost in session of FCPS, as they pack and load the buses on August 13th! For some who are loading on the buses tomorrow morning, you will need an umbrella. Scattered showers pivot into the region early Friday morning giving our area some beneficial rains. Here is a look at your TIMELINE, for tomorrow morning, what you’ll have to watch out for especially is any ponding on those roads, rain moves in as early as 5-7 am Friday morning, and several areas may here a rumble or two out of this. nothing severe. However Flooding is a concern especially for eastern zones of the bluegrass.Watching an area of frontogenesis across Western Kentucky and Southern Ilinois, which could spawn a few gusty rounds of showers and storms putting alot of water across the state throughout your weekend!

Futurerad 1

Stay Safe! -Darius