Thursday School Watch Meter

8:15pm 03/2

I’m going to be short and to the point since I have mid-terms this week. Just when you think we are done with snow, it seems that it always makes it’s special and maybe “surprising” appearances, I know this morning’s flurries and chilly conditions reminds us that winter is still here.

Tomorrow, I’m talking possible rain and mixing, something that is sort of catching my attention.

Here’s the timing 11pm-1am is when I suspect rain and snow to arrive, and it will continue through Thursday afternoon. Temps today have hovered around the mid to upper 30s and it might not take long for pavement temps to reach the freezing mark which is why I think it’s possible for some accumulating snow tomorrow.


HiResNam 4km, WxBell



The WxBell HiResNam is showing a system pivoting across the west and will swing rain and snow from the southwest to northern zones. Keep in mind, temperatures will be critical on who gets what. With that being said, I’m not saying this is going to be a MAJOR issue, nor am I saying it’s not going to have any impact. It’s something the be aware of, especially for school systems when students are headed to the buses tomorrow morning. Also, keep in mind that models have a hard time picking out which areas will see temps at our below freezing, I’m convinced that tonight we could see snow, especially in valley areas. but I’m thinking more in the form of light flakes because there will be some drier air to tackle with. By 7am tomorrow morning much of central and northern Kentucky could be seeing rain and possibly soggy wet snow flakes. There is BUST potential with this, because like I said temperatures will be key on who gets what.

The School Watch Meter is at a  4/11 and here’s why:

           I do believe there is potential for a school delay tomorrow morning, rain and snow leads to messy road conditions. However, my confidence on this forecast is at 60%.

          Yes, I think we’ll see snow, I don’t honestly don’t think it will be enough snow to close school

          There is definitely freeze potential, anything that falls could freeze and stick on the pavement

           There is a possibility for a school delay but it is not guaranteed

School watch meter Thursday


This is what I’m sticking with, do your homework! If there actually happens to be a school closing. better safe than sorry!




Late Tracking

1:05a 02/16

I’m watching the radar and it looks that most of the area is now getting some full blown snow.


With that being said, I have changed my snow thoughts on this, this is my final snowcast for this event.

snow thoughts

How are the roads in Scott County?

I75 NB @ MP 127

Scott County I-75 NB


I-75 @ Newtown Pike

I-75 Newtown Pike

How are the roads across the region?

I-64 WB @ MP 97

Clark I-64 West Bound

I-75 @ Man O War Blvd

I-75 Man O’ War




You can check the latest road conditions at

School Watch Meter still stands at a 6/11..

School Watch Meter Tuesday


I’m off to bed, you should be in bed too 😉

Winter Storm Threat Friday

2:20 p 01/20

Good Afternoon! Snow showers continue for parts of eastern Kentucky, many school closings across the state, this may not be the only time this week we see schools shut down statewide. And here’s why:

A WINTER STORM WATCH has been issued for the area, that’s not for today, but for Thursday night and into Friday. Now to see if it will upgrade to a warning. Winter Storm Watch.jpg


Snow/Mix arrives late Thursday night and early Friday morning for southern zones, then transitions to all snow for the area Friday afternoon. NAM-run-1.gifHere is what I’m thinking so far on snow totals.. Check with me tomorrow afternoon to see  if my thoughts remain the same. Stay Safe!

First Shot at snow.jpg

Latest School Watch Meter #KYWX

Posted at 8:55PM February 11,2015 by Darius Mack

Good late evening gang, earlier i’ve mentioned snow and cold in the forecast. A rush of COLD makes its way in early tomorrow morning as rounds of snow bursts swings in behind it. My thoughts concerning snow accumulations has not changed.

First shot at Snow Thursday

Now, bursts of snow factored in with a very potent rush of cold air is not something everyone is a fan of. The European model puts us around 10-14 degrees, and some may be in the single digits, since it will be windy it will feel even cooler. GFS puts windchill values ranging anywhere from -4 to 5 degrees.

European Model temps Thursday morning

If you’re wanting a Snow Day, you might get one, the bigger story will be how cold it gets, despite the rounds of snow that swing through throughout your day on Thursday.

The School Watch Meter puts a MODERATE chance for a Snow Day, not everyone will see a cancellation, and not everyone will see a delay. I will be tracking the latest early tomorrow morning. 😉

Thursday School Watch Meter


Posted at 5:45 PM February 11,2015 by Darius Mack

Hello folks!

Lots of you have been asking me on whether or not it will snow, what time it will snow, and how much, I’m going to just get straight to the point. Predicting School closings is very difficult, with administrators there is really no cutting line or specific amount of snow that causes for delays and closings, that was certainly proven a few weeks ago. The SCHOOL WATCH meter is at a 5, putting a LOW-MODERATE chance for a SnowDay for central Kentucky students.

School watch meter Thursday

Latest GFS and NAM suggests a series of bursts of snow moving through the morning hours and does have a likelihood of impacting morning travel concerning visibility. There will be periods of snow throughout the day as well. School delays are likely, we shouldn’t anticipate much snow, here are my thoughts.

First shot at Snow Thursday

That’s not the only thing, i’m watching for, next week shows a potent snow system. Check with me later tonight to see my final thoughts concerning the School Watch Meter.

I will be up tomorrow tracking possible closings and delays. 🙂