Keep your Eye on the Skies Today. #ffcky #kywx

10:20 AM 07/13/15

Posted by Darius Mack
Good Morning! First things first, i’m talking severe weather potential. Yesterday evening I brought you the news that severe weather is likely today, the SPC once placed us under a Moderate risk, there has been some modifications, and the updated risk downgrades to an Enhanced risk, really not much of a downgrade, as an Enhanced risk for severe weather is still synonymous with widespread storms capable of producing damaging wind, hail, and possibly tornadoes. The primary concern should be damaging winds and localized flooding.

Spc outlook 4

Round 1: Models place a pronounced bowing complex right over the central part of the state, and if i’m not mistaken this looks like a derecho, which is characterized by intense straight-line winds. The best timing would be around 2-6 pm, I think an outflow boundary may generate some daytime storms ahead of the main line.

HRR model run Monday

Round 2 comes in later tonight…

HRRR model run 2 Monday

I’ll Keep you posted,¬†Foot’s Forecast | Central Kentucky¬†has declared SEVERE WEATHER MODE which mean our team will work around the clock to make sure you are out of danger’s way.


Short and Brief. #KYWX

Posted at 4:55PM on January 22,2015 by Darius Mack

It’s Thursday and the chance for wintry weather on Friday remains, the big question is how much will it impact you?

Latest trends show slightly warmer temps, which means that temps might press too warm for it to be plain snow, I think most of us will start off with rain, then the transition to sleet, then the transition to snow. Here are my initial thoughts on snow, Not impressive in concerns of snow amounts, only expect minor accumulations for most of the region, most of us may see more rain than snow. Stay tuned for more updates, I do expect to make more modifications as the storm gets closer.

snowfal potential friday