Tracking Road Conditions

7:30 PM 01/15/2018

Published by Darius Mack

Good evening! Some bands of light to moderate snow continue to slowly but surely make its way into the area. The snow isn’t the only thing to track, i’m tracking the road weather threat.  Let’s see how things are going across the state.




I-75 Scott County SB 


I-75 Scott County NB



I-75/I-64  Northern Split


I-75 Newtown Pike

I-75 Athens Boonesboro

I-75 North Clays Ferry



Downtown at 2nd Street 


I-65 N Fairgrounds


Southern Kentucky 

Bowling Green- Russellvile Rd @ Campbell Ln









Light Snow Chances Monday-Tuesday

4:10 pm 01/14/2018

Published By Darius Mack

Good Afternoon! The snow from this weekend’s winter storm remains on the ground for many areas. It looks like we’ll see some additional snow accumulations added to that as I’m tracking a light snow maker that moves through the region MLK day.

Here is a look at the GFS run for Monday. It suggests a swath of snow showers and squalls will push from northwest to southeast tomorrow afternoon.

GFS Monday Light Snow

The Hi-Res Nam also shows the same set-up, except its suggesting a brief mix before the snow dives in. It also pushes the system in a little earlier, say about noontime tomorrow.


Now. Lets talk snow accumulations LOL.. Last snow system was obviously overdone with the models, but I will say that most areas in western Kentucky did atleast pick up on 5 inches of snow. It’s a reminder that we use these models as a guidance and don’t necessarily take them verbatim. And of course, its hard to predict snow totals when you have rain mixed in as well. However, I will say that this looks more like an all snow event and that does increase my confidence that we will see some light accumulations out of this system.


The NAM is not very bullish on the snow totals across the area, but it may also be having a hard time picking up on the embedded snow squalls that will zip through the area.

Nam Snowfall output

HiRes Nam Snowfall, WxBell

The European model shows anywhere from a coating to 2” of snow through much of the area.

ECMWF snowdepth Monday

ECMWF Snowfall, WxBell

And the GFS…

GFS snow ouptut

So, here’s what I’m expecting. Minor accumulations. Further southeast you go, the better chance you have of getting 3”. All of the accumulated stuff is expected by Tuesday morning.

First Shot at snow


Could there be school closings or delays on Tuesday? The School Watch Meter is showing a Low to Moderate threat.

School Watch Meter Tuesday

Here’s why:

-The main band of snow exits late Monday through d the predawn hours on Tuesday

-Despite the hazardous travel threat, road crews may have time to clear roads that morning before schools open.

-Isolated snow showers and flurries remain through the day Tuesday

-Better chance for school delays than a full day closing.



If you do get a school closing, I guess there’s not much complaining. 😉


I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

Road Conditions Across The Area

10:40 AM 01/13/2018

Published by Darius Mack

Good Morning! The Winter Storm is out of the area. However the road weather threat remains as roads are still covered with some patches of ice and snow. There’s just been a report of a jack-knifed semi on I-75 in Scott county. So if you don’t have to be out, its best to stay inside. Unless you feel absolutely comfortable driving in these conditions.






I-75 Scott County SB


I-75 Scott County NB




I-75 Russell Cave Rd


I-75 Winchester Road


I-75/I-64 Northern Split


I-75 Athens Boonsboro



64E Hurstbourne Ln


Downtown at 2nd Street

Have a great and safe day!



Late Week Winter Storm Threat

11:00 PM EST

Published by Darius Mack

Good late evening! It’s a little bit past my bed-time and I have an early shift tomorrow so I’m going to keep it short and simple. For some time, the weather community has been closely watching the potential for a developing  winter storm. Rain arrives Thursday evening, and pretty much through your Friday. Temps will start in the 50s Friday morning but could crash into the upper teens and lower 20s by Friday evening, and with that, anything that falls could be in the form of sleet and snow.

Here is a snapshot of some of the model runs Friday evening. .

With the rain to sleet to snow transition ice accumulations are likely as well..

ICE TOTALS saturday

Now lets look at the snow potential.

The European shows a risk for accumulating snow throughout all of Kentucky. A general 3” possible for many.

ECMWF snowdepth Monday

ECMWF Total Snow, WxBell


The NAM which has been very insane with the snow totals the past runs, have actually lowered their totals.. Yes I said lowered, and it still shows the potential for hefty snow totals through central Kentucky by Saturday morning.

NAM snow accumulation Saturday

Hi-Res Nam Total Snow, WxBell


What can we expect?

-Rain Late Thursday

-Rain Transitions to Freezing rain by Friday afternoon as early as about 2PM. As temps are crashing and at or around freezing.

-Widespread sleet/snow by Friday evening and through Saturday morning.


Could schools close on Friday in lieu of the expected forecast? It’s a possibility, but right now the School Watch meter is showing a Low to Moderate Threat for school closings.

School Watch Meter Friday


So thoughts on snow? I think significant accumulations are possible for the region. Since this is an early forecast, this will likely change, i could shift heavier totals further northwest or even bump up or lower totals. Still some room for error, it all depends on where the heavy axis of sleet/snow develops.

preliminary snow thoughts

I’ll keep you posted!


Also.. FYI A Winter Storm Watch is out for some parts of the bluegrass and could extend more eastward.

Winter Storm Watch

Mid April Chill, and Garden Alert #KYWX

10:00 PM 04/22/15 Posted by Darius Mack

Good evening gang, we’ve had a break from the rain as it moved out this morning, i’ll say its been decent overall. Tonight, lets say cool and refreshing, tommorow night may be a different story and i’ll show you what i’m talking about.


Thursday night’s temperatures indicate possible subfreezing temps and some spots below freezing, courtesy of a northwest flow of air. A frost Advisory is in effect for the area through 8AM Thursday,Which means we’ll have to watch out for Frost, a frost advisory is suspected for tommorow night as well. I have some friends who have backyard gardens, the best thing you want to do is take those plants inside to prevent damage.

temptrac 1

Also, if you have any pets make sure they are not out for long periods of time that morning, we’re not talking subzero temps, but its been a while since our skin felt 32 degrees, so please be considerate of your pets! I’m also watching out for a similar cold pattern early next week, be sure to follow me on twitter @dariusmack_wx for the latest!

Stay safe and take care! 😉

Tracking the Latest #KYWX

Posted at 8:10 PM February 20,2015 By Darius Mack

bwg_None_anim (7)

Good evening gang, This has been an historical week for many, first the double digit snows, then followed by record breaking cold, and then we track several rounds of winter with that. Right now i’m watching the Winter Storm Threat this hour. Beginning as snow for western Kentucky, may transition to freezing rain in sleet in the next several hours. The timing on this is a little earlier, the earliest we can expect this snow is around 10pm tonight. Temps statewide are sitting in the 20s, a southern flow moves in, which means we got a hefty moisture bank with this particular system, by tomorrow afternoon some may see temps in the low 30s, and southern zones by see temps in the mid 30s to upper 40s. Depending on where you live, and the temperature, will be the cutting edge on who gets what. Which is why I’ve made my latest thoughts about this Winter Storm. Some areas may get more Ice than others, and some areas may get more snow than others. Keep checking with Foot’s Forecast | Central Kentucky’s Facebook page , or my twitter page @dariusmackwx for the latest updates!

Winter Storm Thoughts

Winter Storm Thoughts #KYWX

Posted at 12:15 PM February 20,2015 by Darius Mack

Good Afternoon everyone, i’m going to be brief and give you just an overview of whats going on.

– A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for most of the viewing audience, anyone under this warning can expect significant ice and snow accumulations.

winter storm alert

– A Southwest  flow of air will bring moisture along with it, it may first come in the form of snow then transitions to sleet and freezing rain, some areas may see more snow than freezing rain and some areas may see more freeing rain than snow.

-The time stamp in which is moves in looks to be around 12-2am Saturday for central Kentucky.

-Significant impacts are likely for the entire state of Kentucky.

-It does impact most of your Saturday

Below are my latest thoughts, now there is a lot of room for error in this graphic, but I will try my best to keep you up to date with whats going on.

Winter Storm Thoughts

Get Ready, Winter Still Hangs With Us. #KYWX

Posted at 11:25 AM February 19,2015 by Darius Mack

It’s quite a splendorous week for most students in central Kentucky. Many schools have been closed all week, and Fayette County Public Schools are among other districts that decided to call the whole week off! We are in a historical winter period, including for me, this is the first double digit snow i’ve ever seen in Kentucky in my lifetime .Now we are set for brutal cold weather on tap, followed by more snow chances?? I tell you, winter has not forgot about us, even if it did come on a delayed schedule.

WIND CHILL WARNINGS are in effect and are set to expire within the next 40 minutes, but that’s on top of a Wind Chill Advisory that won’t expire until 8AM Friday. Wind Chill values today will range anywhere from -20 to -30 degrees. Having prolonged exposure to this type of cold is very risky and dangerous. If you do have to be outside today, take frequent breaks indoors. If you don’t have to be outside, just don’t go outside. Temps right now are near subzero. Bowling Green is the “Hotspot” sitting at 8 degrees this hour. Make sure you check on your neighbors, and don’t leave your pets outside.

current temps

Now. I’m monitoring another Winter threat that may arrive late Friday night and impact your weekend. Latest model runs show a messy snowy and icy event. I do suspect a Winter Weather Advisory or a Winter Storm Watch to be issued a little later in the day concerning Friday. Stick with me for the latest 🙂


Light Snow Maker on Valentine’s Day.

Posted at 5:00 PM February 13,2015 by Darius Mack

Happy Valentine’s eve! Well there is an extra spark into your Valentine’s day, i’m tracking more snow on its way. GFS suggests a band of snow swings north to south by Saturday afternoon, I’m looking for the time window of about 12-3pm, that’s when some spots may have to deal with some issues on the roads. The good news is that the snow does exit just in time for your evening plans, at least in central Kentucky, places in eastern Kentucky may get more snow than us.

GFS model runs Saturday

Here are my thoughts on how this plays out, some can expect just a coating, and some may see localized amounts around 2″. It’s sort of similar to Thursday’s snow, except this one has the potential of bringing little bit extra accumulation .

Snowfall potential Saturday

Have a safe weekend!

Latest School Watch Meter #KYWX

Posted at 8:55PM February 11,2015 by Darius Mack

Good late evening gang, earlier i’ve mentioned snow and cold in the forecast. A rush of COLD makes its way in early tomorrow morning as rounds of snow bursts swings in behind it. My thoughts concerning snow accumulations has not changed.

First shot at Snow Thursday

Now, bursts of snow factored in with a very potent rush of cold air is not something everyone is a fan of. The European model puts us around 10-14 degrees, and some may be in the single digits, since it will be windy it will feel even cooler. GFS puts windchill values ranging anywhere from -4 to 5 degrees.

European Model temps Thursday morning

If you’re wanting a Snow Day, you might get one, the bigger story will be how cold it gets, despite the rounds of snow that swing through throughout your day on Thursday.

The School Watch Meter puts a MODERATE chance for a Snow Day, not everyone will see a cancellation, and not everyone will see a delay. I will be tracking the latest early tomorrow morning. 😉

Thursday School Watch Meter