Snow Update

3:54PM January 5, 2017

The snow has arrived and it continues to snow lightly. Radar is showing the snow filtering in from the west. The darker contours indicate periods of heavier snow, that’s something to watch as the evening wears on. A general 1″-3″ is expected.

bwg_None_anim (1).gif


Today there were already school closings and for some that went, early dismissals.

With that being said. Lets see how the roads are:


I-75 Newtown Pike


Clark County I-64  West Bound


I-75 Man O’ War

You can check the latest road conditions at

The school watch Meter still stands at an 8 out of 11 for Friday!


Increasing High Impact Snow Storm

11:55 a 01/21

Models continue to show crippling snow totals statewide, so here is my latest shot at snow, Anywhere ranging from from 6″-14+”  expected across the state. My Latest shot at snow shows  a general 8″-12″ expected across central Kentucky. (Note: I’m being conservative with these numbers) A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for much of the sate. Prepare for significant crippling snows across the region.

winter storm warning ff last shot at snow

Tracking the Latest #KYWX

Posted at 8:10 PM February 20,2015 By Darius Mack

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Good evening gang, This has been an historical week for many, first the double digit snows, then followed by record breaking cold, and then we track several rounds of winter with that. Right now i’m watching the Winter Storm Threat this hour. Beginning as snow for western Kentucky, may transition to freezing rain in sleet in the next several hours. The timing on this is a little earlier, the earliest we can expect this snow is around 10pm tonight. Temps statewide are sitting in the 20s, a southern flow moves in, which means we got a hefty moisture bank with this particular system, by tomorrow afternoon some may see temps in the low 30s, and southern zones by see temps in the mid 30s to upper 40s. Depending on where you live, and the temperature, will be the cutting edge on who gets what. Which is why I’ve made my latest thoughts about this Winter Storm. Some areas may get more Ice than others, and some areas may get more snow than others. Keep checking with Foot’s Forecast | Central Kentucky’s Facebook page , or my twitter page @dariusmackwx for the latest updates!

Winter Storm Thoughts

Winter Storm Thoughts #KYWX

Posted at 12:15 PM February 20,2015 by Darius Mack

Good Afternoon everyone, i’m going to be brief and give you just an overview of whats going on.

– A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for most of the viewing audience, anyone under this warning can expect significant ice and snow accumulations.

winter storm alert

– A Southwest  flow of air will bring moisture along with it, it may first come in the form of snow then transitions to sleet and freezing rain, some areas may see more snow than freezing rain and some areas may see more freeing rain than snow.

-The time stamp in which is moves in looks to be around 12-2am Saturday for central Kentucky.

-Significant impacts are likely for the entire state of Kentucky.

-It does impact most of your Saturday

Below are my latest thoughts, now there is a lot of room for error in this graphic, but I will try my best to keep you up to date with whats going on.

Winter Storm Thoughts

Winter Weather Tracker Update. #KYWX

Posted at 4:25 AM January 26,2015 by Darius Mack

Good early morning gang, we’re watching for the possibility of slick travel this morning as snow moves across parts of the region this morning. Here is a current look at the Radar from Intellicast. What you’re seeing is the low-level wrap around moisture as the LOW tracks east.


This isn’t a widespread snow, but lets check and see how those temps are this morning. Any temps at or below freezing is something to be concerned about, several areas could see some ICY spots on the roads this morning.

temps right now

Now lets track those road conditions.

I-75 @ Man o’ War

I-75 Man o War

Scott I-75 SB 127 MM

I75 SB 127MM

I-75@1-71 Southern Split

I-75@1-71 Southern Split

  I-275 @1-471

I-275 @1-471   

I-64 @ East 22nd Street Louisville

64 E at 22ND street Louisvile

Since road conditions look to have deteriorated and temp are subfreezing, The School Watch Mete is under a LOW-MODERATE chance for a closing, there is an increased risk however of a school delay.

School Watch Meter Monday

Winter Storm Watch

A Winter Storm watch(Blue) has been issued for the entire Ohio River valley. My thoughts about the storm are the same, we should expect rain, Ice,and Snow. The good news is that this Winter Storm Watch doesn’t come into effect until Sunday morning, so you have about 36 more hours to enjoy, tomorrow’s highs will likely touch 50 degrees, great day to get out and enjoy, Saturday Night may be the right time to devise a Winter Weather Plan.This is my Last update for the evening, more to come tomorrow!Image


Oh… almost forgot!! Here is some Winter Preparedness tips!!