10:50p 01/19

Good late evening, i’m going to be short and brief tonight,  It’s a pretty busy week weather-wise, I’ve already had people asking me about the Snowday chances, as well as the next BIG system moving in later this week. I will touch base on that tommrow, but for now we focus on  snow expected to arrive around 5-7 am tomorrow morning.

Here are my latest thoughts, I’ve changed some totals, but the areas with the heaviest of those totals still remain south, 4-6″ possible for areas near Bowling Green. A Winter Storm Warning is in place for that area.

winter weather advisories.jpg


Here is my latest thoughts concerning snow totals..

last shot at snow.jpg


Scott County Students, I’m giving you a HIGH chance for a snowday tomorrow, and here’s why.

  1. Snow arrives from 5-7 am, the ground remains very cold, any snow that does fall, will not hesitate to stick. Keep in mind we’ve been in the single digits, and highs today struggled to get out of the teens.You won’t wake up to an inch of snow, but it will keep falling.
  2. Snow will  exit around 3-4 pm in the afternoon, that’s basically around the time most school systems dismiss classes.
  3. If  I were the superintendent, I would cancel classes.
  4. Overall, EVERYONE in Kentucky will likely see atleast an inch or greater.

Enjoy your snow-day, and sleep-in 😉

school watch meter wednesday