6:20PM  04/02/2018

Published by Darius Mack

Good late evening! April has arrived, and its slowly beginning to feel like spring.  Of course you can’t have a Kentucky spring without a chance of severe weather. The storm prediction center in Norman, Oklahoma has highlighted much of the Ohio valley under some risk of severe weather with western Kentucky having the greatest risk for damaging winds and even a few tornadoes possible.

SPC outlook2

The NAM shows the main squall line zipping through this part of the state late tomorrow evening and throughout early Wednesday morning.



I think the main threat is the damaging winds, but there could be some isolated spin ups associated. These types of tornadoes don’t usually last long, but they can form and go away quickly. Make sure that you do have a severe weather plan ready in case of an imminent severe weather threat.

Summer Threat Index1

I’ll be tracking and tweeting any severe weather updates tomorrow, feel free to follow me on twitter @dariusmack_wx!




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