Month: February 2017

Severe Weather Risk

6:27p 02/28
Good afternoon, the rain has been a nuisance, and we’re not seeing any improvements. In fact, there is a Severe weather threat for much of the area. The Storm Prediction center has placed an Enhanced risk over all of central and eastern Kentucky. Storms will push through the area overnight and through the early morning hours. They will come in a series of waves throughout Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon. The key threat is damaging wind, although the models aren’t showing the strength of these storms very well, keep in mind the wind threat is very high, and with the motion of these storms, it indicates that there will be directional shear, which is conducive to tornadoes.*The tornado threat isn’t as high as the damaging wind threat* Don’t be alarmed, but stay vigilant. I’ll keep you posted!

-Darius Mack