Posted at 5:45 PM February 11,2015 by Darius Mack

Hello folks!

Lots of you have been asking me on whether or not it will snow, what time it will snow, and how much, I’m going to just get straight to the point. Predicting School closings is very difficult, with administrators there is really no cutting line or specific amount of snow that causes for delays and closings, that was certainly proven a few weeks ago. The SCHOOL WATCH meter is at a 5, putting a LOW-MODERATE chance for a SnowDay for central Kentucky students.

School watch meter Thursday

Latest GFS and NAM suggests a series of bursts of snow moving through the morning hours and does have a likelihood of impacting morning travel concerning visibility. There will be periods of snow throughout the day as well. School delays are likely, we shouldn’t anticipate much snow, here are my thoughts.

First shot at Snow Thursday

That’s not the only thing, i’m watching for, next week shows a potent snow system. Check with me later tonight to see my final thoughts concerning the School Watch Meter.

I will be up tomorrow tracking possible closings and delays. 🙂


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