Month: February 2015

Winter Storm Thoughts Again. #KYWX

Posted at 10:10 AM February 21,2015 by Darius Mack

Good Saturday morning, well freezing rain is mixing in with sleet and snow, and as temperatures may rise, several areas may deal with just plain rain, and with any melting snow, flooding could be a concern, as well anything in central Kentucky looks to be even messier to deal with. Here are my latest thoughts in terms of snow totals. Take Care! 🙂

latest winter storm thoughts

Tracking the Latest #KYWX

Posted at 8:10 PM February 20,2015 By Darius Mack

bwg_None_anim (7)

Good evening gang, This has been an historical week for many, first the double digit snows, then followed by record breaking cold, and then we track several rounds of winter with that. Right now i’m watching the Winter Storm Threat this hour. Beginning as snow for western Kentucky, may transition to freezing rain in sleet in the next several hours. The timing on this is a little earlier, the earliest we can expect this snow is around 10pm tonight. Temps statewide are sitting in the 20s, a southern flow moves in, which means we got a hefty moisture bank with this particular system, by tomorrow afternoon some may see temps in the low 30s, and southern zones by see temps in the mid 30s to upper 40s. Depending on where you live, and the temperature, will be the cutting edge on who gets what. Which is why I’ve made my latest thoughts about this Winter Storm. Some areas may get more Ice than others, and some areas may get more snow than others. Keep checking with Foot’s Forecast | Central Kentucky’s Facebook page , or my twitter page @dariusmackwx for the latest updates!

Winter Storm Thoughts

Winter Storm Thoughts #KYWX

Posted at 12:15 PM February 20,2015 by Darius Mack

Good Afternoon everyone, i’m going to be brief and give you just an overview of whats going on.

– A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for most of the viewing audience, anyone under this warning can expect significant ice and snow accumulations.

winter storm alert

– A Southwest  flow of air will bring moisture along with it, it may first come in the form of snow then transitions to sleet and freezing rain, some areas may see more snow than freezing rain and some areas may see more freeing rain than snow.

-The time stamp in which is moves in looks to be around 12-2am Saturday for central Kentucky.

-Significant impacts are likely for the entire state of Kentucky.

-It does impact most of your Saturday

Below are my latest thoughts, now there is a lot of room for error in this graphic, but I will try my best to keep you up to date with whats going on.

Winter Storm Thoughts

Get Ready, Winter Still Hangs With Us. #KYWX

Posted at 11:25 AM February 19,2015 by Darius Mack

It’s quite a splendorous week for most students in central Kentucky. Many schools have been closed all week, and Fayette County Public Schools are among other districts that decided to call the whole week off! We are in a historical winter period, including for me, this is the first double digit snow i’ve ever seen in Kentucky in my lifetime .Now we are set for brutal cold weather on tap, followed by more snow chances?? I tell you, winter has not forgot about us, even if it did come on a delayed schedule.

WIND CHILL WARNINGS are in effect and are set to expire within the next 40 minutes, but that’s on top of a Wind Chill Advisory that won’t expire until 8AM Friday. Wind Chill values today will range anywhere from -20 to -30 degrees. Having prolonged exposure to this type of cold is very risky and dangerous. If you do have to be outside today, take frequent breaks indoors. If you don’t have to be outside, just don’t go outside. Temps right now are near subzero. Bowling Green is the “Hotspot” sitting at 8 degrees this hour. Make sure you check on your neighbors, and don’t leave your pets outside.

current temps

Now. I’m monitoring another Winter threat that may arrive late Friday night and impact your weekend. Latest model runs show a messy snowy and icy event. I do suspect a Winter Weather Advisory or a Winter Storm Watch to be issued a little later in the day concerning Friday. Stick with me for the latest 🙂


Winter Weather Advisories and the SCHOOL WATCH METER(S) #KYWX

Posted at 12:50PM February 17,2015. by Darius Mack

We’ve hit mid February, and we’ve also hit an active pattern in the coming days. Many are enjoying their Snow Days, with snow, I mean alot of snow, how much snow did we all get? In Kentucky snow totals ranged anywhere from 7-16″. This marks an historical winter event, we’ve really hadn’t had a snow like this since somewhere in  the 1990s. Now, let’s switch to whats coming up ahead..

More snow its on its way and it may come in bands of heavy snow early Wednesday morning, and it does have the likelihood of adding extra accumulation to what you already have on the ground. This isn’t good news for road crews and for those who have to travel to work in the morning, but maybe good news for students who don’t want to go to school. NAM shows a quick moving band of snow swinging west to east. The time window to watch for is around 4-7 AM. Many may wake up to heavy falling snow and reduced visibility. Since temps won’t get close or even go above the freezing mark, anything that will fall at this point, will likely stick. Dry air is in place now, but once that swath of snow moves in, it will saturate the air pretty quickly. Anyone can expect a general 1-2″ on top of what you have by tomorrow morning, some may see locally higher amounts.

NAM model runs Wednesday   snowfall potential Wednesday

That’s not the only big story, temps will drop to subzero by Wednesday morning, and then they will continue to drop to the negative double digits by early Thursday morning. Yep, I said it. You can check the latest 7 day forecast.

7 day ff13

Our area is under a Winter Weather Advisory tonight through 7PM EST Wednesday.

winter weather advisories

And this is a first, Here is your 3 Day School Watch Meters. School officials may shut school down for the rest of the week. Although my confidence is a little lower on Friday, we”ll just have to see.

3 day school watch meter

Stay safe and enjoy your super-extended weekend! 😉

Winter Storm Update #KYWX

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Posted at 8:05 AM February 16,2015 by Darius Mack 

Good morning! I’m tracking the latest on this Winter Storm. See all of that blue? Well that’s snow and the darker blues are putting down heavier snowfall. Snow won’t exit until early Tuesday morning, so if you’re not satisfied yet, more is on its way! Places in south central Kentucky are seeing whiteout conditions, and with reduced visibility that does not help at all with travel. and you can certainly see that across the state, take a look at the traffic cams. I will have more updates throughout the day!


I-65 Hardin County


Madison County I-75 SB

I-64 9th street Louisville

Downtown Louisville, I-64 E 9th Street

current_I75SCSB (2)

Scott County I-75

current_I75NSNB (2)

Lexington, Ky I-75-64 Northern Split

downtown louisville Traffic Cams

Downtown Louisville

Paris Pike Lexington traffic i-75

I-75 Paris Pike

Brace for a Significant Winter Blow Out# KYWX

Posted at 8:10 AM February 15,2015 By Darius Mack

I’m going to be short and to the point, most of the entire state is under a WINTER STORM WARNING through 1 AM Tuesday. You can check the latest on this link:

I have changed my initial thoughts and upgraded my numbers significantly. I’m calling for anywhere from 10-15″ of snow here in central Kentucky, everyone, and i mean everyone has a chance of seeing significant snow totals. I am in WINTER STORM MODE and will continue to update throughout the day.

second shot at snow Monday-Tuesday

Action Packed Winter headed our way #KYWX

Posted at 1:20 AM February 15,2015 by Darius Mack

Most of you have probably returned from your evening out by now, so I think this is a convenient time to post as Valentin’es day comes to a close. However, we meet at the start of Kentucky and Winter getting back together again. Nope, this time Winter hears Kentucky’s call, and I don’t think its going to reject this time. Latest data still trends this wintry system north a bit, which means for us, we could get a decent snow by Monday and into Tuesday.

Here is the latest GFS runs. The system has shifted north, putting ALL of Kentucky to see a chance of accumulating snow.

GFS runs Sunday

THE UKMET is also on Que for that as well, and in fact it’s been staying consistent with that northward shift.

UKMET models Sunday

SO what are we thinking accumulation wise?

GFS still puts out alot of snow, and we’re less than 48 hours away..Which is why i’m closely watching this.

This models puts Lexington under 8-10″ inches of snow.

GFS snow totals Monday

Right now, I’m calling for anywhere from 2-6″ for areas north of I-64, places south could see higher totals. This is my First Shot for this system, modifications will be made tomorrow if  models continue to show intense amounts. Stay safe and for more updates, you know where to find me! 😉 BTW, I do see our area likely to upgrade to a WINTER STORM WATCH.

snowfall potential Monday

More Active Wintry Weather In The Coming Days. #KYWX

Posted at 7:35 PM February 14.2015 Darius Mack

Happy Valentines Day! Many are spending their day with their other half, for me, my other half is weather. I’m still monitoring the latest data pool. Much room for error at this time, but there is a little bit of certainty that i have for Monday an Tuesday’s snow system. Those who feel like they’ve missed out on an amazing winter, don’t feel sorry for yourselves, we have an interesting storm that may impact most of the viewing area. I have been reluctant the past couple of days to share my thoughts on next week’s storm, but since we are approaching closer to the forecast deadline, i can say that i now feel a little bit more confident with my hypothesis.

Yesterday, many have asked me questions on whether or not it will snow, and some have asked me why their weather app wasn’t predicting it. Thats because at the time Models have shifted the storm nearly 50-200 miles south, and since then according to the latest run, models continue to shift the track further back towards the northwest, which means there’s a chance for most Kentuckians to see some impressive accumulating snow.

First, lets show you the latest GFS run..  This puts a major icing event throughout the Mississippi valley, and a major snow event for Tennessee and our region of Kentucky.

GFS runs Sunday

NAM also shows a similar event, just a slightly southward track.

NAM Model runs Monday

Here is what I think will happen.  System may continue to shift towards to the northwest. Bringing a good chance for interesting snow across Kentucky. the further south you are the higher the snow totals may be, however i am paying close attention to Snowfall ratios for central Kentucky, if we really get that gulf moisture clashing in between two very cold air masses, we could really get some good stuff accumulation-wise. I won’t put numbers on that until later tonight. For now, i’ll continue to update the latest, you know where to find me! 🙂

Winter set up