Month: December 2014

Perhaps A few Flakes Thursday, and Weekend Potential Teaser #DariusMackWx

Posted by Darius Mack  at 8:15PM, Tuesday December, 16, 2014.

Good Tuesday evening peeps,

There are a lot of questions on when we could see some snow again, last post, I updated you on a mild pattern that has been weakening the past couple of days, and the talk of wintry weather is now on the top of the feed. There is a chance for snow, perhaps on Thursday, mostly likely to be situated across the southwest, as for us here in central Kentucky, we can’t rule out a few flakes Thursday afternoon and throughout Thursday evening, there shouldn’t be much to write home about.

snow thursday

Places in extreme Southeastern Kentucky could expect minor accumulations of snow up to 2″ . Courtesy of Model Guidance (CIPS)

snow south Thursday

GFS Precipitation model guidance, courtesy of Model Guidance (CIPS)

snow chance thursday

Some snowflakes can’t be ruled out on Thursday. Not everyone under the “Flakes Possible” will see snow, best chances is for areas in South western zones.

However, I am monitoring a weekend storm system set to take aim at the region this weekend. Here is the latest from guidance on Saturday. It all depends on it’s westward track, further west it tracks more snow potential, further east it tracks, the lesser the potential.

weekend snow storm

Courtesy of HootLab GFS run

I’ll have a more detailed forecast on Friday.

Stay safe!

(Forecaster Darius Mack)


Monitoring Changes in our Weather.

December 6th, 2014 [Posted at 10:25 PM EST]

By Darius Mack

Haven’t updated the blog in a while, that’s because I’ve been closely monitoring a warming trend hitting us early this December. Now the question, or assumption may be that our winter has already came and gone. Nope, in fact winter doesn’t start until Dec 21-22nd. We’ve felt the effects of winter weather, but don’t worry the feel of winter will certainly return. We just have to wait and watch. Something that’s been staying steady near the Gulf of Alaska is this photogenic Low pressure system, it’s picking up very well on the wind graphic below. Also shout out to a friend that introduced me to this website, its awesome!

nullschool wnd map

Courtesy of

Now I’m going to walk you through on what to anticipate for the next week and a half.

Next Tuesday-Wednesday, that Jet stream will dig into the Midwest, planting a powerful cold front along with it, and several light snow showers and flurries could clip the central and eastern zones of the bluegrass, not to mention, a familiar set up for the east coast, mostly rain for coastal areas, snow could move in on the western edge of it.

Snow chance next Tuesday

Fast forward to Friday December 12th-15th, A ridge of high pressure settles in which could once again stall the cold and snows, as of the later half of next week, another mild and wet pattern returns, just to set us up for an Arctic block of cold air, set to take aim at the commonwealth in the later part of December, as well as the potential for a stormy set throughout late December and the early part of January.

low in gulf of alaska

Now… I’m not making any promises on the exacting of the return of the heavy snows and cold, but it’s something that I’m monitoring.

(Forecaster Darius Mack)