Month: September 2014

Let’s Get to Business


It’s Wednesday, don’t be fooled by those clouds this evening, it’s not going to rain…yet

Here is a look at the latest model runs, updated forecast suggests storms moving in around 10:30pm tonight, and a second round comes in around 5am tomorrow morning. The Storm Prediction Center has not placed us under any significant threat, however the threat for localized flooding remains. I will be tracking these storms a little later tonight, and we’ll keep you posted! See you later!   

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Local Flood Threat This Weekend #kywx

12:55PM 09/05/14

It’s a bright and Sunny Friday afternoon, I’m here in the computer lab at school, and what better is there to do than to plan a forecast for your weekend?

Let’s get started.

If you’re going to the game tonight, things look to pan out very well, may have to watch out for a lone pop up shower, but the chances of that are very slim.

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Saturday Morning, it’s a bit of a different story . Dewpoints stick well into the 70s, and a boundary will intercept it’s way into the area, here is a look at the latest model runs.

Will these storms be SEVERE? There is no threat of SEVERE weather at this time according to the Storm Prediction Center, however, I think we could see several local Severe Thunderstorms across southern kentucky. A local FLOOD threat is something to to keep in mind, areas can generally expect atleast an inch of rain.

Courtesy of SimuAwips

Courtesy of SimuAwips

I don’t think this will be an all day event, but it will be on and off throughout the day on your Saturday, if you’re planning yardsales tommorow, might want to move it into the garage. Stay Safe!



7:10AM 09/02/14 |SEVERE WEATHER|
It’s the 2nd day of September, and we’re starting off murky, I’m tracking a line of storms off towards our Northwest, the highest these storms are peaking is at about 38,000 ft, so nothing severe at the moment now, what we need to watch out for is storms peaking at about 50,000 ft or higher, that’s when storms reach that severe status. This line is moving east, there is a weak outflow boundary ahead of it this morning, it’s not a strong one, but something I’m monitoring this morning, typically with outflow boundaries. More storms develop behind the “mini-front”.image (24)

NOW, The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK has placed areas east of I-65 under a SLIGHT risk, if you read the description, it’s not going to be widespread, however one thing to keep watch for is any embedded storms that could peak, typically when storms peak at 50,000 feet, there is a good enough hail core, and some of these storms could put down hail.
The Key threats are
-Damaging Winds
-Severe Hail

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I’m Forecaster Darius Mack, have a great day!