Month: August 2014


12:50PM AUGUST 30,2014

Nice and dry start to the Labor Day weekend, here I have all the unanswered questions. Can we go to the football games without getting wet? Can we grill out this Labor day? These answers are coming up. I’m watching a tropical wave of energy that’s cascading from the gulf through the Mississippi river valley. The problem wont be the storms, but in fact the heavy torrential rainfall that’s coming with it. Here is a look at the RADAR courtesy of RADARSCOPE. Don’t let that full you that’s not tracking our way all of that is moving NE, what I’m monitoring is the next wave that’s skirting across Bowling Green this hour. I would give it about 2-4 more hours before Lexington starts to see the rain. The game is going on right now, the Wildcats V. Skyhawks! Just to be safe, for the fans or for the tailgaters out there, I hope you got your rain boots for later!

image (23)

How much rain? You may ask.
This is an estimate for SUNDAY afternoon, several areas could see close to an inch or more, this precedes when the actual system itself passes, so anticipate several inches of rainfall to come into play on Sunday.

Accum rainfall totals

I’m tracking temps in the low 80s,With A 30% chance for afternoon storms. I’m not expecting a washout like today and Sunday!
Enjoy your extended weekend!
-Forecaster Darius Mack


Isolated Storm Chances. #kywx

08/19/14 6:40am | SEVERE WEATHER|

Yesterday, rain and storms strolled through the region, unfortunately for those who just want the clear skies and the sunshine, there is no sign of relief.
First, I want to take a look at the latest from the Storm Prediction center. Extreme western portions of our reading audience is under the SLIGHT risk, one thing to keep in mind of, is that that area has been dealing with quite a deal of cloud clover, and right now there appears to be a boundary that could be blocking anything that could induce severe weather at the moment, but once peaks of sun and clouds begin to show, an area to watch out for is places along the I-65 corridor and points towards the west.
The risks include:
– Damaging Winds
-Large Hail

Tuesday's Risk

This won’t be a widespread event, however there is an area that I am monitoring today, here is where I think that “ storm bubble” if you will, is located, several isolated complexes could develop in this area later in the evening.

AREA of interest

Stay Safe!
-Forecaster Darius Mack

Tracking Rounds of Storms. #kywx

Good Late Thursday evening everyone, It’s been a busy week for me, first off i want to say that today marks my 2nd day of school! I will be graduating this year so this makes it a Last 2nd day of school for me.To all of the newcomers welcome, and join the club! School is almost in session of FCPS, as they pack and load the buses on August 13th! For some who are loading on the buses tomorrow morning, you will need an umbrella. Scattered showers pivot into the region early Friday morning giving our area some beneficial rains. Here is a look at your TIMELINE, for tomorrow morning, what you’ll have to watch out for especially is any ponding on those roads, rain moves in as early as 5-7 am Friday morning, and several areas may here a rumble or two out of this. nothing severe. However Flooding is a concern especially for eastern zones of the bluegrass.Watching an area of frontogenesis across Western Kentucky and Southern Ilinois, which could spawn a few gusty rounds of showers and storms putting alot of water across the state throughout your weekend!

Futurerad 1

Stay Safe! -Darius