Month: May 2014


I’m bloging this afternoon, so that must mean that something interesting is happening!
It’s Tuesday and believe it or not storms are already firing up across the Ohio valley regions, I’m tracking all of the latest and the latest models and discussions are indicative that there will be rampant clusters of storms developing along the I-65 corridor and tracking towards the Northeast. Here is a look at what the FUTURERAD depicts:



According to the models, I think most of the energy will be centered around the Ohio River Valley, and Northern Kentucky, and especially eastern Kentucky will be dealing with most of the action. I‘m really highlighting zones as far as Louisville, and other counties along the I-71 corridor, that’s where the “bull’s-eye” will set for the most part. Around 3-4pm. Most of the storms will become more organized across central Kentucky.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed alot of our reading audience, and all of Central Kentucky for that matter, under a SLIGHT risk for severe weather.
Here are some things to think about
-Damaging Winds
– A Few Tornadoes


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