Month: April 2014


Hello Everyone on this warm and windy Sunday afternoon! Enjoy it while it lasts, because it’s going to be very wet the next several days as we anticipate rounds of heavy downpours and storms moving into the region. The Storm Prediction Center has placed most of the Mississippi river valley under a Slight Risk for Severe Weather. These storms will come in sequence, and several potential factors are:
-Heavy Rainfall(Flash Flooding)
-Strong Damaging Winds(Power Outages)
– Large Hail

The latest trends and discussions suggest a pretty intense dynamic storm system enveloped over Kentucky and Tennessee, which is why right now would be the appropriate time to purchase a NOAA weather radio and devise a Severe weather plan with your family.

Here is a look at the latest model runs, Late tonight and early tomorrow morning we could see the first round of storms moving in, they will be strong but most likely not severe, the big picture, shows that the main event looks to arrive Monday evening(3-5PM) and impact the early morning hours on your Tuesday(2AM-8AM)…



I’m Forecaster Darius Mack, I will be informing you and alerting you on the severe weather situation, along with my colleagues on this link:


Stormy Start Next Week!

I’m updating you late on this Friday evening about several storm threats the weather community is watching. The latest twitter feed on my wall is like a thesaurus about the storm potential for next week. SO I decided to take a look at some things for myself…
FutureRad is indicating a broad storm system moving in Late Tuesday night and early morning hours on Wednesday. Now remember, Severe Weather is very tricky to forecast.. This isn’t an accurate model, since we are looking at about 5 days in advance, but this model does give you a general idea on how the storms will play out.


Next, I look at the dynamics of the storm system, the deeper yellows is what I’m looking at, which indicates that in the process, we could anticipate a strong storm pattern.. Now the weather term for this is Vorticity, I use this to monitor the potential height of the storm. The higher the storm, the more active it gets, and from the looks of it we can anticipate strong winds and a lot of heavy rain.


(Courtesy of SimuAwips)

This is Just a brief update, and is not the final forecast, this is more like a heads up! I’m Forecaster Darius Mack, have a safe weekend! And enjoy the nice 79 degree weather on Saturday!


Hello! I haven’t posted on my blog in a while. Simply because there has really been nothing to talk about the past several days, So here is just an updated post just catch up on a few things. Today we’ve felt a weak cold front roll through the region, but by tomorrow things look to recover back into the 70s. Much nicer weather in store for your weekend! Here is a look at your Updated 7 Day Forecast:



Tracking a potential for a few showers and maybe even some thunder action by early Friday morning. Nothing severe is expected, but rain is on it’s way, and it will clear out rather quickly. That’s a look at your updated Forecast! Have a Great Day!