Month: February 2014

Winter Storm Watch

A Winter Storm watch(Blue) has been issued for the entire Ohio River valley. My thoughts about the storm are the same, we should expect rain, Ice,and Snow. The good news is that this Winter Storm Watch doesn’t come into effect until Sunday morning, so you have about 36 more hours to enjoy, tomorrow’s highs will likely touch 50 degrees, great day to get out and enjoy, Saturday Night may be the right time to devise a Winter Weather Plan.This is my Last update for the evening, more to come tomorrow!Image


Oh… almost forgot!! Here is some Winter Preparedness tips!!


Kentucky Orders All of the Winter Ingredients

Ok, as we edge closer to the weekend, my confidence increases by 30%, here is the latest update on the winter storm potential: Rain showers will move in late Sunday morning, right around the time most of us will be in our Sunday morning worship services, but the rain shouldn’t be the main threat, but it will dominate for most of your Sunday. Sunday Night-Monday morning, will act as a harbinger, as the rain sleet and snow line get’s closer inland into our region. I did say Kentucky orders a Winter Supreme Pizza, and it’s ordering a little extra of everything. We are under a Winter Storm risk for Sunday thru Monday, right now would be the time to plan accordingly for your weekend, as my confidence is slightly higher, this event does look promising. A light to moderate band of rain showers will move in, and the hard thing is that if there are any pretreated roads, the rain will rain all the salt off. Iced roads is a high risk, as well as snowy and Icy roads by Sunday night and Monday morning. Remember that winter storm we’ve had back in mid January? Well I think this one will be similar…. Here is a look at the latest model runs…Image






TO MAKE IT easier, I have outlined the areas I think will be mostly influenced by the ICE, SNOW, RAIN, Central Kentucky will deal with all of it, latest GFS Snowfall output models suggest a couple of inches of snow, and snow ratios show a wet and heavy sticky snow will move in. 1-4” is not the final deal, I’ll modify changes as the storm gets closer. I’m Forecaster Darius Mack Have a great day!Image

NOTE: A light snow system moves in Saturday morning, that’s not the main deal, don’t be concerned about that, I’ve bumped up Saturday’s forecast, highs will be in the upper 40s to lower 50s 🙂


Kentucky Orders a Winter Supreme Pizza

Tracking the latest on the Winter Storm threat, I’m still thinking we’ll deal with more of a rain dominant situation on Sunday, Saturday could actually reach higher than 42 degrees, If anything changes I’ll post a new 7 day tomorrow. For now, have a great day! Later I’ll have a brief update on the latest model runs.

By the way, i do realize that people are posting Crazy maps saying this Winter Storm could be the “biggest” ever, none of these people are educated, and just like to spread hype.


Good Wednesday Afternoon to you everyone, I’m enjoying my SNOWDAY right now, so I figured I’ll do a little extra homework on the upcoming weather this weekend. I’m tracking storm potential and I’m finding it hard to pick out the fine lining, on whether this will be a rainy event, a snowy event, or maybe just in between, I’m tracking all of the action, and I’m here to break down my thoughts. An advection of air in the central plains will mount most of the developing storm system, this does look to impact the eastern half of the country. Our computer models are suggesting that Kentucky will be in between the action, a gusty line of moderate to heavy “NON-SEVERE” rain showers will move West to east, the reason I’m saying non-severe, is because temps shouldn’t be warm enough at this time to spark a little something extra. It’s not promising though, I’ll have more updates if anything changes.

The Snow line arrives in our area, the backfilling snow could look deceiving, I can’t put numbers on the expected accumulations for now, it doesn’t look like we’ll be dealing with half of foot of snow at east, but several inches on top of the rain and sleet is a possibility. The snow looks to arrive Monday night-Tuesday Morning.MONDAY MORNING



Here is where the storm is currently located at the moment. I know a lot of variables come into play, if temps get lower in these models, that means that this could likely be perceived as another Winter Storm which could bring A lot of Snow, and Ice! Keep in mind that I am looking at a couple of days in advance, I’m still going to keep my eye on this it seems like a tricky set-up.

Current SET-UP