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“There’s one thing I’m good at” says Darius. With a minty personality, a jokester, and always energetic. “I’m good at being human.” “If you’re around me half the time I’m always giving someone a good comeback or telling jokes, which can sometimes get me into a little trouble.”
Darius says he’s a good comedian and he thought that was the direction he was going to. “ parents, close friends, or anyone I saw said that comedy central is where I belonged, so I figured I wanted to go into comedy as a start.” Slowly from wanting to be a comedian, he knew that if he couldn’t come up with new jokes, he wouldn’t be funny in the comedy business “I wanted to find something that’s always on the top of everyday conversations, and I found weather. Everybody asks how’s the weather or they’ll start a conversation saying, nice weather we’re having.” Darius says that weather can be fascinating and it leads to fascinating conversations.


“Back when I stayed in Nevada, I had seen Dust devils, the first time I’ve ever seen them! When I was in Phoenix I seen Haboobs which are big dust clouds, and also the first time I was in 120 degree weather, boy was it hot!” When tornadoes where across the southeast during the April Tornado outbreak, I was in downtown Atlanta April 28,2011, and had experienced strong winds, low visibilities, and high standing waters on the roads. Some roads we couldn’t get on and we turned around.” He admits to be frightened by the hail and raindrops clapping against the roof of his car while heading back his hotel room. “I checked the local tv stations, they had live coverage and reported tornadoes north of Atlanta.” Darius was 13 the year he experienced the most intense weather of his lifetime he says. “I might be exaggerating but no thunderstorms up here compare as great of intensity to the storms down south. It was very humid the same day and the instability was there.” Darius says that his priory with working with the Foot’s Forecast team, is to engage in daily updates and telling the reading audience when to be inside or when it’s best to be outside.


In 2012 Darius joined the Honors Earth Science Curriculum (HESC) and is currently majoring Honors Chemistry. “It’s a lot of math, and that’s what forecasting requires.” he says.
“I enjoy jogging, hiking, biking, and sometimes dancing. ” If you ever want to drop by and leave a good question or comment I’ll respond.” We asked Darius what’s the tough part about his job. “Haha, I would say waking up, I’m an early bird, but not even early bird’s wake up as early as my shifts.”
Next we asked him what he enjoys about his job. “The collaboration, I like how Chris and I have been communicating and we’ve became good friends through working at Foot’s Forecast, and I also enjoy the reading audience, I’m very pleased with their “LIKES” “SHARES” and “COMMENTS”. Darius also adds that he is a photographer. “Yes, I take lots of pictures and I share some of them on instagram, I call myself an instagram gangsta, if I’m lucky to be awake to take the picture of the sunrise, I’ll be sure to share them on the page.” Darius joined the Foot’s Forecast team in March and continues to serve the greater Lexington area with his morning kick-start forecasts! Catch him weekdays in the mornings on Foot’s Forecast| Central Kentucky.

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